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About the Owerko Centre

The Owerko Centre at the Alberta Children's Hospital Research Institute is dedicated to studying neurodevelopmental disorders and child mental health. The centre draws its support from a critical mass of multidisciplinary researchers across the University of Calgary with expertise encompassing a broad range of neurodevelopmental and pediatric mental health research in basic, clinical, health services and population health.

Owerko Centre Conference 2017

Date & Time:
June 1, 2017 | 8:15 am - 5:00 pm

Finding Mental Health in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Our second annual Owerko Centre Conference brings together experts in mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders. Keynote speakers Erik Willcut, PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder and Jonathan Weiss, PhD, York University.


Hawks and doves: Children’s temperament helps researcher study susceptibility to environmental stress

The Owerko Centre recently hosted a talk by University of Pittsburgh's Rochelle Hentges, PhD, about her studies of children’s exposure to environmental stress. Hentges discussed the findings of three recent studies that examined risk and resiliency in children exposed to adverse rearing environments (primarily parental conflict), how environmental stress impacts children’s later adjustment and, finally, the effects of harsh parenting on academic success amongst middle and high school students. 

Vanier awarded to doctoral trainee at Owerko Centre

Selected through a competitive process, Vanier scholars are top doctoral students from a range of disciplines who are already making significant achievements in their fields. One of this year’s recipients, Erin Hetherington, exemplifies why the University of Calgary values the support Vanier scholarships provide to attract these future leaders to campus, and position them for success in academia, industry and the community.  

Alberta's Human Services Minister meets researchers at Owerko Centre

Five faculties and 15 child health researchers, representing the Werklund School of Education, Cumming School of Medicine, the faculties of Arts, Nursing and Social Work, participated in an open dialogue with the minister. These faculties are home to internationally recognized child health researchers with chairs including child neurology, early development, child and maternal health and parent-infant mental health.

Owerko Centre provides new home for research at UCalgary

A new research space at the University of Calgary opened on May 6, 2015 dedicated to studying neurodevelopment and child mental health including disorders such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) and autism spectrum. The Owerko Centre at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute will be home to researchers, clinician scientists and staff collaborating to better understand, diagnose and treat these conditions.

Canada Research Chair in early childhood development

Sheri Madigan, assistant psychology professor at the University of Calgary, and full member of the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute, has received a Tier II Canada Research Chair (CRC) worth $500,000 over five years to study a number of determinants of and interventions for enhancing childhood development. She is one of eight University of Calgary researchers recognized as Canada Research Chairs.

Researcher at Owerko Centre studies healthy sleep routines for infants

Gerald Giesbrecht, a researcher at the Owerko Centre, is tracking parental response to infant crying and fussing at bedtime over a three-year period. The study with 300 Calgary moms is aimed at providing information on child development to help parents make decisions about bedtime training.

Owerko Conference 2017

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Nicole Letourneau, Palix-ACHF Chair in Parent-Infant Mental Health and a researcher at the Owerko Centre